Thomas F. Wilson – The Question Song

If your students are fans of the movie Back to the Future then practice questions in your ESL class with this song, The Question Song by Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tanner in the Back to the Future trilogy).

The interrogatives which appear in these song lyrics are: “what’s… like”, “was…”, “how was…”, “did…”, “can we…”, “would you…”, “what does…”, “do you…”, “how is…”, “who is…” & “how much…”.

To see suggestions on how to use this song in class, click here.

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When I’m flying in a plane or I’m on the street
There’s a lot of friendly people that I like to meet
They shake my hand and never ask my name
And they start asking questions that are always the same (Hey!)

What’s Michael J. Fox like?
He’s nice
What’s Christopher Lloyd like?
Kinda quiet
What’s Crispin Glover like?
…Unusual. Stop asking me the question.

I went to the bar mitzvah of my nephew Josh
Now I’m not Jewish but I like to nosh
Put on my yarmulke, started to pray
When the rabbi leaned over and I heard him say (Hey!)

Was that real manure?
No, it wasn’t
How was that DeLorean?
Piece of garbage
Did the hover boards really fly?
It’s a movie, stop asking me the question.

Can we take your picture?
Come on, look mean!
Would you call my friend a butthead
On his answering machine? (Hey!)
Questions, questions, just fill my head
I went to my doctor, my doctor said (Hey!)

What does a key grip do?
Set up lights
What does the best boy do?
Help the key grip
What does a producer do?
I don’t know, stop asking me the question.

Do you all hang out together?
No, we don’t
How’s Crispin Glover?
Never talk to him
Back to the Future 4?
Not happening, stop asking me the question. (Hey!)

Who’s the nicest famous guy you know?
Adam Sandler
Who is the biggest jerk?
Gary Busey
How much money do you make?
More than you do, so stop asking me the question!