Why use songs in class?

I always use songs to practise grammar and vocabulary, which is why I try to make sure all the songs on this website contain at least 5 different examples of a particular topic or grammar point. All other reasons for using songs in the classroom are purely transversal, but there are plenty of them…

  • Maybe most importantly, songs are mnemonic devices in that they facilitate memorisation through rhythm and repetition.
  • Songs contain authentic, natural language in contrast to the contrived, artificial language found in many text books.
  • Students can experience a wide range of accents and even dialects, they contain useful idiomatic expressions, slang, and cultural references.
  • Songs are everywhere and there are millions of songs on hundreds of different themes that reflect situations of the world around us; they’ve expounded on love, relationships, pollution, corruption, crime and war, they have been used as vehicles of protest for civil rights and almost every social theme or cause imaginable.
  • And finally, songs are natural, fun and engaging.