Alan Smith Robertson – Older

This song comes with a worksheet to use in the classroom“Older” is a song written for English teachers to practise basic-level grammar and vocabulary the fun way in the ESL classroom, and it comes with an easy-to-use worksheet!

The lyrics of this song use the following basic-level English vocabulary and grammar:

  • “my name is…” (personal information: name)
  • “I’m a [job]” (personal information: job)
  • “I am … years old” (personal information: age)
  • “I was born…” (personal information: nationality)
  • “my mum says…” (third person singular)
  • “I was always…” (verb “to be” in past simple + adverb of frequency)
  • “I like to…” (the verb “like/love” + “to” + infinitive)
  • “I’m an only child” (personal information: position in the family)
  • “I love drinking…” (verb “like/love” + –ing)
  • “I cannot tell…” (“can” / “cannot” + infinitive without “to”)
  • “I can speak / see…” (“can” / “cannot” + infinitive without “to”)
  • “your love for me will never end” (“will” + adverb of frequency)
  • “my daughter loves…” (third person singular)
  • “she tells…” (third person singular)
  • “she always hugs me…” (third person singular + adverb of frequency)
  • “she’ll still be near” (contracted form of “will”)

This song comes with a worksheet and is available for download in mp3. To see other suggestions on how to use this song, click here.

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My name is Kavindra, I’m a writer
I write about the things in my life
I am forty-six years old, but I feel older

I was born inside a car on the way to the clinic
My mum says I was always in a rush
But I like to take it easy now that I’m older

I’m an only child, when I’m alone I sing to myself
I love drinking wine, and talking to a good friend
I cannot tell a lie, but I can speak a little French
and I can see in your eyes that your love for me will never end

My daughter loves me so and she tells me
She always hugs me when I come home from work
But I wonder if she’ll still be near when I’m older

Suggested activity: comprehension questions

Download this exercise (PDF)

Listen to the song, and choose the correct answer for the questions below:

  • What is the narrator’s name? Kavindra / Cassandra / Kevin
  • What is his job? a teacher / a writer / a horse-rider
  • How old is he? 36 / 43 / 46 / 64
  • Where was he born? in Sri Lanka / inside a car / inside a taxi
  • Does he have any brothers or sisters? yes, he does / no, he doesn’t
  • What does he love doing? drinking wine / driving / going out to parties
  • Can he speak a foreign language? no, he can’t / yes; French / yes; Dutch
  • Does he have any children? no, he doesn’t / he has a son / he has a daughter

If you enjoyed the song or if you think it will be useful for your students at least, remember this song comes with a worksheet and is available for download in mp3.